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Like most programs, Velocity Frequent Flyer offers a number of benefits subject to your status level. In this guide, we review how to reach each Velocity status tier and what you get once you’re there.

Reaching premium status , like Gold, is arguably easier with Velocity than Qantas. Virgin Australia set lower status credit thresholds (500 vs 700) and feature more generous earning rules when flying with international partners.

Premium status offers plenty of valuable benefits to those that travel regularly on Virgin Australia and its partners. For example, Gold Membership opens the door to priority seat upgrade requests and lounge access (Virgin Australia lounge access retails at over $700 per year on its own). As always, we recommend that you don’t ‘stretch’ your spending irrationally to qualify for a benefit. This is of course general guidance; one flyer may value a high status level more than another traveller. Also, just like earning points, it’s recommended that you leverage your existing purchases to gain a lucrative Velocity status.

We’ve provided several examples on some of the best (and cheapest) ways to reach Velocity Gold status here.

Guide contents

Velocity Gold

Gold Velocity status may seem out-of-reach to a casual flyer, but not always! Learn more about Velocity Gold’s benefits and how to reach the popular Velocity status level!

Velocity Reward Seat Guide

Velocity’s reward seat redemption method allows you to use your points for a seat on Virgin Australia, or one of Virgin’s international partner airlines.

Velocity Round The World

Although Velocity don’t offer a ‘Round The World’ redemption directly, you can transfer your Velocity points to Singapore Airlines and redeem the impressive Star Alliance Round The Wold reward.

Velocity status explained

Velocity has four status tiers, starting with Red, which is where new members begin. Following Red, we have Silver, Gold and the holy grail of Velocity membership, Platinum. To reach each level, you need to reach the required number of a) Velocity status credits (determined by miles flown) and b) eligible sectors (determined by the number of one-way flights). Learn more here.

Base level – Red

Red is the default status level for Velocity Frequent Flyer membership. If you are a new member, or have not reached the status credit requirements for Silver, you’ll be on Red status.

Red members receive all base Velocity Frequent Flyer benefits, which include:

Red members also receive a Velocity Frequent Flyer membership and a Visa Debit Global Wallet, allowing you you to load and spend money in 11 currencies worldwide, earning Velocity points on every dollar spent.

Premium levels – Silver, Gold and Platinum

Silver, Gold and Platinum Status levels are Virgin’s premium status tiers. These can be accessed by reaching the required number of a) status credits (determined by miles flown) and b) eligible sectors (determined by the number of one-way flights) in a 12-month period.

We’ve summarised the three premium tiers’ major benefits below, along with what you need to do to get there. A detailed look at each status level follows the comparison, along with examples of how you can reach each level.

Click on each item for the relevant benefit’s full guide, or the on the row (+ icon) for a quick summary.

Premium Velocity status bumps you to the top of the seat upgrade queue across both domestic and international flights.

Read all of our Velocity status guides here.

Velocity status reciprocal benefits

Velocity Gold and Platinum status-holders receive a range of reciprocal status benefits globally when flying with Virgin’s partners. These include premium lounge access, additional baggage and priority services.

Your Velocity status provides global benefits when flying with Virgin Australia’s partner carriers.

Unfortunately, the list isn’t as long as Qantas and their oneworld alliance.

About Velocity status credits

Velocity’s status tiers are accessed by reaching the required number of a) status credits (determined by miles flown) and b) the eligible flight sectors in a 12-month period. Your balance is calculated daily, based on the number of status credits earned any preceding 12-month period.

This is arguably better than the Qantas format, which requires you to meet the relevant status threshold within a fixed ‘Membership Year’. For example, with Qantas, you may be able to ‘time’ your status earning travel.

Like points, Velocity status credits are earned on flight sectors which are paid for by cash/ credit (not reward seat flights redeemed with points).

Velocity status credits are earned per flight sector, which is defined as a single direct flight between two consecutive locations. For example, a once way Economy flight from Sydney to Bangkok via Singapore includes two flight sectors (Sydney – Singapore; Singapore – Bangkok). This Sydney – Singapore sector is 3912 miles, which is Zone 4 (60 Velocity Status Credits) and the Singapore – Bangkok sector is 889 miles (30 Velocity status credits). This results in 90 Velocity status credits and two flight sectors. See our full earn rate tables below.

View the following examples below:

  • A one-way Virgin Australia flight from Sydney to Melbourne is a single flight sector
  • A return Virgin Australia flight between Sydney and Melbourne is two flight sectors
  • A one-way Virgin Australia flight from Perth to Brisbane via Sydney is two flight sectors
  • A one-way Singapore Airlines flight (with a Virgin Australia code number) from Sydney to Singapore is one flight sector

Refer to our Velocity status level requirements table for each tier’s flight sector threshold.

Virgin Australia flight sector rule

You must travel on a set number of Virgin Australia sold flight sectors to reach each Velocity status level. This is important, as the eligible sector must have a VA code number. For example, a Singapore Airlines or Etihad flight sold through the Virgin Australia website (VA flight number) is an accepted flight sector, whereas a Singapore Airlines flight sold directly on the Singapore Airlines website (SQ flight number) is not.

Reaching & retaining

Reaching status

You are required to meet the below requirements to qualify for each premium Velocity status (from the base/ staring ‘Red’ status level).

Importantly, status credit balances are calculated daily, based on the number of status credits earned in the preceding 12-month period (this means status credits will ‘drop off’ after any one-year ‘rolling’ period).

Status Silver Gold Platinum
Credits 250

(2 f/sectors)


(4 f/sectors)


(8 f/sectors)

Status benefit period and how to retain

Once you reach each status level, you will receive that level’s benefits for 12 months.

To retain your status level after your initial 12 months of benefits, you must reach similar (although slightly lower) requirements within your benefit period.

Status Silver Gold Platinum
Credits 200

(2 f/sectors)


(4 f/sectors)


(8 f/sectors)

Reaching & retaining example

For example, let’s say you are a new Velocity Frequent Flyer member, who joined in September 2015, starting on Red status.

  • By the end of December, 2016 you have managed to earn the required 500 status credits for Gold (and 4 eligible flight sectors) within the proceeding 12-month period (Jan-Dec, 2016), remembering that status credits will ‘drop-off’ a year after you earn them.
  • You will now receive all Velocity Gold level benefits for a 12-month benefit period Jan-Dec, 2017.
  • To maintain your Gold status level after the current benefit period (that is, from Jan, 2018), you must earn 400 Status Credits (and fly 4 eligible flight sectors) within your current benefit period (Jan-Dec, 2017)

Velocity status credit earn rates

Both Virgin Australia and international partner airline flights earn status credits, which are based on miles flown and your fare class. The higher your fare class, the more status credits you’ll earn. For example, while you’ll earn 25 status credits on a full-flexible Economy ticket (Freedom fare) from Sydney to Melbourne, the cheapest Discount Economy fare (Getaway) will land you just 5 status credits.


You can also earn status credits spending at Coles Supermarkets with a Velocity-linked Flybuys membership.

Domestic flight status earn (VA flight no.)

Here’s some popular Virgin Australia route examples for Virgin’s Discount Economy (Getaway) and Discount Business (Business Sale) fare types. These are examples only, and prices are subject to change. Status credits are listed in brackets. Virgin’s more expensive fare types: Elevate and Freedom (Economy) and Business, attract more status credits.

Use Virgin’s Miles Calculator to determine which zone your flight is in (you must search each flight sector individually, considering any stop-overs).

International flight status earn (VA or partner flight no.)

Here’s some popular Virgin Australia and international partner route examples for Virgin’s Discount Economy, Economy, Premium and Business fare types. These are examples only, and prices are subject to change. Status credits are listed in brackets.

Note, Virgin Australia marketed international flights (with a VA flight number) attract the same status credits across all Discount Economy fare types (Go, Go+, Getaway and Elevate).

Domestic flight sectors flown as part of an international journey also earn status credits per the below table. For example, a the Sydney – Melbourne leg of a Sydney – Hong Kong flight via Melbourne would attract 10 status credits on a Discount Economy fare.

Use Virgin’s Miles Calculator to determine which zone your flight fits within (you must search each flight sector individually, considering any stopovers).

Non-flight status earn – Coles supermarket shopping

Unlike Qantas, Virgin Australia now allows you to earn Velocity status credits outside of flying!

Members of Coles rewards program, Flybuys, can earn 1 Velocity status credits for every $100 spent at Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland or First Choice Liquor. To participate, you need to link your Flybuys membership with your Velocity account and scan your Flybuys card in-store. The benefit is capped at 10 status credits per month.

Although on the surface it’s a high cost per status credit ($100/SC), Coles spending is a handy benefit if you’re a large grocery shopper that shops at the supermarket already. For example, spending $250 a week will yield over 120 status credits a year, which is half way to the Silver membership tier alone! Velocity also offers limited flybuys ‘Double Status’ promotions from time-to-time. Check our Frequent Flyer Promotions Hub for more.

$ Spent Status Credits
$100 1

Tips for earning Velocity status credits efficiently

Be flexible

Like points, a key rule in earning Velocity status credits is to be flexible. If you can more around dates, times and even destination, you can improve your status credit earn rate significantly.

Buy major promo fares

If you can tailor your travel plans to find the best value fares, you’ll be well on your way to minimising the cost per status credit. For example, Velocity now slashes the price of Economy fares to the United States regularly throughout the year. If you can wait for a deal, you’ll easily be able to secure travel to Los Angeles for under $850 return, and with this flight earning 80 Velocity status credits, your’re looking at sub $10 per status credit (plus a handy 7,500 Velocity points).

Choose a connecting flight

By choosing a transit flight with a layover, you’ll bolster your Velocity status credit earning options. Indirect flights are frequently available at a similar cost of the direct option, but as there’s more flight segments involved, you’ll earn more status credits! Obviously you need to be able to wear the increased travel time, but it may be an option.

Fly with partner airlines

If you fly with one of Virgin Australia’s partners, Velocity won’t cut the status credit earn rate (like Qantas). If you can find good cash deals with a partner carrier, these flights can be a good option, as you’ll earn Velocity status credits at the full Virgin Australia rate!

Family pooling to bolster your status credits

Velocity offers a stand-out benefit over Qantas, Family Pooling, which can really bolster your status credit earning potential. Immediate family that holds Velocity membership (for example a spouse or children) can ‘send’ their Velocity status credits (in addition to points) to a selected ‘beneficiary’. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you sign your immediate family members (must reside at the same address) up to Velocity Frequent Flyer and add them to your ‘Family Pool’ (it’s free and easy to do via your Velocity Frequent Flyer online account).

Membership pause

If you’ve already reached a premium Velocity status level, Virgin Australia allows you to ‘pause’ your membership for a 6 month period if you’re expecting a new addition to the family.

Platinum, Gold or Silver members can still earn Velocity status credits (*nd points), and on completion of the pause period, will resume their membership status for a further 12 months.

To apply for a ‘pause’, you must contact the Velocity call centre. Virgin Australia may require proof of pregnancy, birth or adoption.

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