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This article was published some time ago and content may be out-of-date.  Airlines are continually changing their loyalty programs. Always double-check with the airline. 

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From time-to-time Virgin Australia offers excellent discounts on Velocity reward seats. These offers are generally only available on Virgin Australia operated flights, however sometimes Velocity’s partners Virgin Atlantic and Delta are included.

Occurring more regularly, though, is KrisFlyer’s Spontaneous Escapes promotion, which cuts selected Singapore Airlines reward seats by around 30%! The popular offer, which is usually run on a monthly basis, is structured around short-notice travel. If you aren’t already across transferring your Velocity points to KrisFlyer for Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance flights, read our full guide.

You can also stack these promotions with Velocity’s external partner program bonus.

Learn more about both promotions below.

Guide contents

Velocity reward flight sales and offer history

Promotions listed with the Virgin Australia logo   can be redeemed directly via Velocity. Promotions featuring the Singapore Airlines logo  can be accessed by transferring your Velocity points to KrisFlyer.

Click on each offer row (+) to view the main conditions for each offer.

Direct: Velocity reward flight sales

Velocity’s own reward flight sales promotion slashes the amount of Velocity points required to redeem selected reward seats. Recent offers have reached a whopping 30 per cent, which increases the GRV of Velocity’s flight redemptions significantly.

Velocity’s reward seat sales are typically live for a week or two. This is the period in which you must book. Eligible travel periods usually extend 10-12 months into the future. Tigerair redemptions are typically excluded from the discounts.

Offers sometimes even include premium cabins, which make them some of the best value redemptions we’ve seen! Eligible carriers and fares vary for each promotion, however premium cabin (Business and Premium Economy), international long-haul flights and Velocity partners have been included in recent promotions!

Our biggest tip for this promotion is to be quick! Aggressive Velocity promotions result in a lot of demand for redemptions. Remember, Velocity’s reward seats come with a decent amount of change and cancellation flexibility. So, book first and think later! International reward cancellations are extremely cheap relative to the cost of the flight.

Offer History

See Virgin Australia’s reward flight offer history here, including direct links to the relevant promotion.

How to book

Step #1

Login to your Velocity account on the Virgin Australia website

Step #2

Perform a flight search, ensuring you select the ‘Use Points + Pay’ box

Step #3

Select your reward flight. If it’s eligible for the discount, you’ll see the reduced price here (e.g. below, we’re seeing 50,100 Velocity points for a Premium Economy reward (usually over 65,000). Confirm your flight via the subsequent booking steps and you’re done!

Discount Examples

Example 1: Premium Economy return to Los Angeles

In this example, we’ve located a Sydney to Los Angeles Premium Economy reward seat. This seat usually commands 143,000 Velocity points for the return journey. With the 30% discount, we’re down to a very reasonable 100,200 points, plus $140 in taxes. This yields a very healthy GRV for a Premium Economy fare (3.5c/pt).

Cash Fare Pts before (GRV) Pts after (GRV)
 $3,600 (+$140 taxes) 143,400 (2.4c/pt) 100,200 (3.5c/pt)

Example 2: Business east – west coast return

In this example, we’ve found a reward seat in Virgin Australia’s award winning ‘The Business’ suite from Sydney to Perth. This reward usually requires 71,000 Velocity points for the return journey. With the 30% discount, the Velocity points bill drops to 49,600 points, plus $180 in taxes. This notches up one of the most impressive GRV’s we’ve seen – a mammoth 5.6c/pt!

Cash Fare Pts before (GRV) Pts after (GRV)
 $3,000 (+$180 taxes) 71,000 (3.9c/pt) 49,600 (5.6c/pt)

Example 3: Business return to Hong Kong

In this example, we’ve found a Melbourne to Hong Kong Business reward seat. This reward usually requires 119,000 Velocity points for the return journey. With the 30% discount, the Velocity points bill drops to 83,600 points, plus $150 in taxes. This yields a GRV if over 3c/pt.

Cash Fare Pts before (GRV) Pts after (GRV)
 $3,200 (+$150 taxes) 119,400 (2.5c/pt) 83,600 (3.1c/pt)

Points Transfer: KrisFlyer reward flight sales

KrisFlyer’s Spontaneous Escapes promotion sees discounted reward seats made available on selected Singapore Airlines flights. The promotion, which runs more frequently than Velocity’s own reward flight discounts, is usually structured with an a) eligible booking period and b) eligible travel period. The eligible travel period is generally within two months of the offer going live, so it only suits late-notice travel plans.

Discounted reward space is usually available from Australian destinations to Asia, along with intra-Asian travel, however long-haul flights to European destinations are sometimes included. KrisFlyer clearly outlines the eligible flights (including specific flight numbers) and any ‘black-out’ dates, where discounted seats are unavailable.

It is important that you identify your target flights before you search. The same flight number generally isn’t scheduled every day, so you need to be aware of what days your eligible flight is scheduled (note the eligible flight numbers on the promotion page). Learn more in the booking step walk-through below.

As the name suggests, if you’re booking spontaneously, it’s a great option, even after the watered down 1.35:1 Velocity – KrisFlyer transfer ratio. Availability is usually good based on the eligible flights and dates provided, however more popular routes can still be tough.

In the example below, a 30% discount applied to the popular Singapore route compares favourably against the same flight redeemed with Velocity directly. As an added benefit, you’re also likely to enjoy better availability. In the table, ‘KrisFlyer’, denotes the number of (discounted) KrisFlyer miles required; ‘Transfer’, the number of Velocity points you need to transfer to KrisFlyer; and ‘Direct’, the number of Velocity points required for the same flight with Velocity direct.

30% Discount Example: Syd/Mel/Bris to Singapore

KrisFlyer Transfer Direct
Bus 40,600 54,810 65,000
Econ 19,600 26,460 35,000

The main condition to be aware of with KrisFlyer’s reward seat discounts, is that reward bookings generally cannot be changed or cancelled. That is, you cannot amend your dates or have your points refunded back into your account for a negligible fee (as per the normal great flexibility offered in KrisFlyer reward flight bookings).

Read booking walk-through, complete with screenshots, here.

Offer History

Click on each offer row (+) to view the main conditions for each offer. For reference, Velocity’s own direct reward flight sale history is also included in this table (Virgin Australia logo).

Offer Examples

We have some included some past discounted flights for indicative purposes (this is nor a complete list, or a current list)All flights are one-way (double the points requirement for round-trips).

Note, you can schedule a free stopover when booking round-trip Singapore Airlines reward flights. Learn more here.

Note, we have discounted the cash fare value in calculating the Guide Redemption Vaule on these flights given they cannot be changed or cancelled via this promotion. Reward seat bookings typically come with great change/cancel flexibility, which impacts their value.

Fares/taxes approx. values only & should only be used as a guide. Check directly with airline.

Dep. Australia

Dep. Asia

How to book

Step #1

Identify your target flights before you search so that you are aware of what days of the week your eligible flight is scheduled. You can do this by using Ctrip flight schedule tracker tool, by simply replacing the SQ flight number on the end of the below URL. For example, the below URL will return Singapore Airlines flight SQ212 Sydney to Singapore.

Once you’ve loaded the link above, scroll down to the ‘Flight Schedule’ (the table at the bottom of the page). You can see your target flight’s weekly schedule (starting from Sunday). As you can see, SQ212 flies on Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat (circled below).

Step #2

Ensure you have the correct number of Velocity points to transfer over to KrisFlyer (simply multiply the post-discount KrisFlyer points cost by 1.35). Learn more about transferring your Velocity points to KrisFlyer. As always, it’s best to hold fire on the transfer until you know your target reward seats are available and ready to book.

Step #3

Login to your KrisfFyer account on the Singapore Airlines website and perform a flight search (ensure you select the ‘Redeem Flights’ box) on the dates/days of your target flight (see Step 3 above).

  • Locate your flights (we strongly recommend avoiding ‘Waitlist’ flights for this promotion). Note, the 30% discount will not resolve on this page, however, if your eligible flight number is within the campaign’s dates the reduced amount will display at the payment screen.

Stack with Velocity’s external reward program conversion bonus

It is believed Velocity run this promotion to encourage the redemption of latent Velocity point balances on customers’ Velocity-earning credit cards.

Velocity allow you to combine reward seat sales with their external reward program bonus. This bonus provides an additional discount (generally around 15%) for converting your external partner rewards points to Velcoity. Velocity’s external program partners include American Express, ANZ rewards, NAB, Citi, HSBC, Diners Club, Card Services, Suncorp, BOQ and flybuys.

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