How to reach and retain Velocity Gold status

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Velocity Gold Status

In this guide we show you how to reach Velocity Gold. Gold is definitely the ‘sweet spot’ in Virgin Australia’s status schedule. Its most valuable benefits include a priority in the seat upgrade wait-list, premium lounge access and a generous 75% bonus on your Velocity points.

Although Velocity Gold may seem out-of-reach to a casual flyer, sometimes it can be more achievable than you might think!

Velocity Gold includes premium Lounge access

That said, we never recommend ‘stretching’ your spending irrationally to qualify for a benefit, and Gold Status is no different. This is of course general guidance; one user may value a high Status Level more than another user. Also, just like Velocity point earn, it is recommended that you leverage your existing purchases as much as possible (a good example is topping up your status credits via your existing supermarket spend).

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Velocity Status

Like most programs, Velocity Frequent Flyer offers a number of benefits subject to your status level. In this guide, we review how to reach each tier and what you get once you’re there.

Velocity Reward Seats

Velocity’s reward seat redemption method allows you to use your points for a seat on Virgin Australia, or one of its international partners.

Velocity Seat Upgrades

Upgrade your existing, fully-paid Virgin Australia seat to a higher cabin-class.

Velocity Gold benefit summary

Velocity Gold’s benefits are summarised in the table below. For comparison’s sake, we’ve included Silver and Platinum.

In our opinion the most valuable Gold benefits include premium lounge access and a lucrative 75% Velocity point bonus. Another major benefit for Velocity frequent flyers is a bump in the seat upgrade wait-list queue. This is especially important if you do a lot of travelling in Economy and wish to upgrade a fully paid ticket to Business.

Click on each benefit for the relevant benefit’s guide, or the row (+ icon) for a summary.

Reaching Velocity Gold status

You need to hit 500 status credits within any rolling 12-month period to receive Velocity Gold status. Once reach the 500 status credits, you’ll instantly receive Velocity Gold perks!

To provide you with a guide on just how many flights it takes to reach Velocity Gold, we’ve provided some simplified annual flying activity examples below. To benchmark status credit earning value, we calculate the cost per Velocity status credit (flight cost/status credits received).

As you can see below, flying on Virgin’s cheapest domestic fare is not an efficient way to earn status credits! Jump to our tips for earning more status credits for less and you’ll be able to halve this investment at the very least.

  • 50 return flights from Melb – Syd in Econ Sale (~$14,000 in flights, or $28/status credit)
  • 10 return flights from Melb – Syd in Flexible Econ (~$8,500 in flights, or $17/status credit)
  • 5 return flights from Melb – Syd in Business (~$7,000 in flights, or $14/status credit)

Reach Velocity Gold in just 5 Business Class return flights from Melb – Syd (~$13,248 in flights, or $20/status credit)

Unlike Qantas, Velocity members can also or earn status credits at Coles supermarkets!

Tips to reach Velocity Gold

Velocity Gold top tips

Be flexible
Book promo fares
Choose an indirect flight
Fly with partner airlines
Family Pooling
Be flexible

Like points, a key rule in reching Velocity Gold is to be flexible. If you can more around dates, times and even destination, you can improve your status credit earn rate significantly.

Book promo fares

If you can tailor your travel plans to find the best value fares, you’ll be well on your way to minimising the cost per status credit. For example, Velocity now slashes the price of Economy fares to the United States on a regular basis. If you can wait for a deal, you’ll easily be able to secure travel to Los Angeles for under $850 return. With this flight serving up a nice 80 status credits, your’re looking at a sub $10/ status credit earn rate (plus around 8,000 points).

Choose an indirect flight

By choosing a transit flight with a layover, you’ll can reach Velocity Gold status faster. Indirect flights are frequently available at a similar cost of the direct option, but as there’s more flight segments involved, you’ll earn more status credits! Obviously you need to be able to wear the increased travel time, but it may be an option.

Fly with partner airlines

If you fly with one of Virgin Australia’s partners, Velocity won’t cut the status credit earn rate (like Qantas). If you can find good cash deals with a partner carrier, these flights can be a good option, as you’ll earn Velocity status credits at the full Virgin Australia rate!

Family Pooling

Velocity offer a stand-out benefit over Qantas, Family Pooling, which can really bolster your status credit earning potential. Immediate family members that hold Velocity membership (for example a spouse or children) can ‘send’ their status credits to a selected ‘beneficiary’. So sign your family members up to Velocity and add them to your ‘Family Pool’ (it’s free and easy to do via your Velocity Frequent Flyer online account).

Velocity Gold status promotions

From time-to-time Virgin offer Velocity ‘Status Credit’ promotions, which can help you to reach Gold status. These include lucrative double status credit offers. Learn more and view current offers at our Frequent Flyer Promotions Hub.

3-Month ‘Gold Explorer’ trial – flybuys promotion

From time-to-time Velocity offer flybuys members the opportunity to trial Velocity Gold. Not only does this grant you access to all Gold benefits for three months, if you reach a defined status credit threshold within the trial period (usually 80 Velocity status credits) you’ll move to Gold for a full 12-month benefit period! Learn more and view current offers at our Frequent Flyer Promotions Hub.

Accelerate Program’s Gold Pilot Trial for small businesses

Yet another shortcut to reaching Velocity Gold status, this time for small businesses, is registering for Velocity’s Accelerate Program. Australian companies holding an ABN are eligible. The program is completely free to join. Once your company has signed up, you can register two employees for a 3-month Gold trial upon spending $2,000 on Virgin flights in the first three months.

Leveraging Velocity Gold with a ‘status match’ from other airlines

Another good way of extending your Gold benefit is to apply for a status match with another airline. A status match is where competing airlines attempt to gain your business by matching your status (e.g. Velocity Gold) benefits at the equivalent tier. Remember, you’ll also keep your Gold benefits at with Velocity!

Carriers within the same alliance or partner network generally won’t offer a match. You’ll need to look outside Velocity’s partners. The Star Alliance network is a great place to start. For instance, a status match may be available with United (US) or Turkish Airlines, who are both members of the Star Alliance network. This would result in reciprocal Gold-level benefits across almost 30 airlines, including 10 flying to and from Australia! The easiest way to complete a status match is via a specific status match promotion, which major airlines run from time-to-time.

The kicker here is that some Star Alliance airlines have much more generous re-qualify (retain) time-frames. For example, both Turkish Airlines and Asiana’s benefit/ re-qualification period is 2 years (27,500 Status Miles in 24 months or 25,000 in the first year). Velocity, and most others are only offer 12-months of benefits.

To pursue a status match, look out for status match promotions or simply contact an airline directly – they can only say no!

Reaching Velocity Gold – examples

Our everyday examples provide an indication on how you can best claim Velocity Gold Status with casual-to-moderate annual flying activity. In most of examples below, we’ve chosen Virgin’s cheapest fare type, Getaway, but we have not included any major promotional fares, which go a long way to improving your efficiency.

All flights are eligible Status Credit earning fares (either on Virgin Australia or a partner carrier) and Velocity status credit earning supermarket shopping is done at Coles via the flybuys’ partnership.

Once you have qualified for Velocity Gold status, to retain your benefits after the 12-month benefit period you are only required to earn 400 status credits (vs the 500 you were required to earn to qualify).

Reach Gold status: example 1 – Medium flying & shopping (single earn activity)

The below scenario gets you Velocity Gold for one adult at a casual-to-moderate rate of flying (with no pooled status credits from family members, which would make the task considerably easier). We assume average supermarket shopping. It’s important to note that although the Coles (flybuys-linked) supermarket earn rate is relatively poor vs flying, we always include it where possible, as the spending is likely to be done anyway!

Gold status could then be retained for a further 12 months for even less flying, with Velocity members requiring only 400 status credits (vs 500 to reach the level from base or Silver status) within the year-long benefit period.

Reach Gold status: example 2 – Medium flying, shopping & (family earn activity)

The below scenario achieves Gold status for one adult in a family with two adults and two children at a casual level flying and average family supermarket shopping. It’s important to note that although the Coles (flybuys-linked) supermarket shopping earn rate is relatively poor vs flying, we always include it where possible, as the spending is likely to be done anyway!

In this example, each family member is signed up to Velocity, ‘Family Pooling’ is set-up and all status credits are pooled to Adult #1.

The value in this scenario comes from the short-haul international family holiday from Sydney to Bangkok return, as each member is travelling across 4 flight sectors on the cheapest fare (‘Getaway’). It’s important to mention that all Virgin Australia-website sold flights (even on partner airlines, like in this case with Singapore Airlines) attract the same earn-rate – so go with the cheapest fare if you can! This trip’s status credit cost rate is a relatively cheap $7.50/status credit, opposed to $14/status credit from our short domestic flight (SYD-MEL).

This scenario would qualify Adult #1 for Velocity Gold, which nicely positions the entire family for premium lounge access considering Gold permits the holder to 1 guest and up to two children (aged 12 and under). The following Gold tier benefits would also be advantageous for this family:

  • Additional complimentary checked baggage (Domestic Economy, 2x23kg bags, Domestic Business 2x32kg bags)
  • Hilton HHonors Gold Elite membership, offering room upgrades, premium lounge access, free late check-out, free Wi-Fi and breakfast)

Gold status could then be retained for a further 12 months for even less flying, with Velocity requiring members to earn just 400 Status credits within the year-long benefit period to keep their status.


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