Velocity Double Status Credits: Unofficial Guide

This article was published some time ago and content may be out-of-date.  Airlines are continually changing their loyalty programs. Always double-check with the airline. 

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From time-to-time Velocity offers Double Status Credits on eligible flights. Below we provide a snapshot of the offer, including its conditions.

Typically, this promotion is only available by direct invite. However, sometimes the bonus status credits are applied anyway, so it’s worth a try!

Check the Velocity Promotions Hub for more offers, including Double Points and Reward Flight Sales.

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Best Use Of Points

In this guide, we provide our thoughts on the best uses of Velocity points for flight redemptions both in Australian and around the world.

Velocity-Krisflyer Transfers

Velocity’s reward seat inventory is severely limited on popular international flights, especially in Business. Transfer your Velocity points to Krisflyer and redeem Singapore Airlines flights from the source. You’ll open up more availability while gaining access to Singapore Airlines’ Star Alliance partners!

Velocity Round The World

Although Velocity doesn’t offer a ‘Round The World redemption directly, you can transfer your Velocity Points to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles and redeem the impressive Star Alliance Round The Wold Reward. Business Class is very much the sweet-spot.

About Velocity Double Status Credit offers

Velocity Double Status Credits are typically offered on Virgin Australia operated flights (but check the conditions of each promotion). Sometimes bookings may be limited to a particular zone or carrier.

You’re typically required to ‘Activate’ a Velocity double status credit offer before you book. This is important. If you don’t opt-in to the offer, Velocity won’t apply the bonus credits!

Targeted or restricted offer partners

Most of Velocity’s Double Status Credit offers are available by either a) invitation only or b) exclusively via Velocity travel partners (not the main Virgin Australia website). For example, past known partners have included:

However, many Velocity members have noticed that bonus credits are applied for Virgin Australia website bookings. Therefore, if you’re purchasing flights anyway, it’s worth registering for an offer! Of course, there’s also a high chance of the bonus not crediting – buyer beware!

Booking and travel periods

Double Status Credit offer periods typically last for about a fortnight. Eligible travel periods are usually quite broad. You can usually book up to 12 months in advance.

Eligible partner airlines

Velocity Double Status Credit promotions are usually only available on Virgin Australia operated flights with a VA flight number. That said, partner airlines have been eligible for some past offers.

Velocity Double Status Credit examples

Long and indirect flights allow you to get the most out of Double Status Credit offers.

Below we’ve outlined some popular example itineraries. These examples have been included for indicative purposes only and the flights included may not be eligible for all offers. Be sure to check the conditions of each offer.

Learn more about earning Velocity status credits – and reaching a premium tier – in the guides below:

Velocity Status Guide

We show you what you need to do to reach each Velocity status level and the benefits on offer!

Reaching Qantas Gold Guide

In this guide, we share some of the tips and tricks to reach Velocity Gold Status.

Example 1: Long-haul Economy return to Los Angeles

Airline Virgin Australia
Flight Syd – LA (Return)
Fare Disc. Economy
Cost (~) $1,100
SC Out 80
SC Back 80
SC Total 160
Value $6.875/SC
Points 7,490
Sectors 2

Collect 160 status credits and 7,400 points on a return flight to Los Angeles during an eligible Double Status Credit promotion!

In this example, we’re travelling long-haul from Sydney to Los Angeles on Virgin’s cheapest sale fare. The same result is achievable from one of Virgin’s other LA departure hubs (Melbourne or Brisbane).

This impressive booking returns 160 status credits. With promotional fares frequently available for less than $1,100, this fare yields $4.68/status credit).

Example 2: Economy return to Bangkok

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight Melb – Bang. (Return)
Via Singapore
Fare Disc. Economy
Cost (~) $650
SC Out 60+15
SC Back 15+60
SC Total 180
Value $3.80/SC
Points 4,800
Sectors 4

Receive a huge 180 status credits on a return flight to Bangkok during an eligible Double Status Credit promotion!

In this example, we see some serious value through booking an indirect flight. Status credits are caluclated on each flight sector, so we’ll receive credits for each of the Sydney – Singapore and Singapore – Bangkok legs.

Although this itinerary is a great little earner anyway, it’s incredible value if you can time a Double Status Credit booking!

An eligible promotional booking returns a crazy 180 credits. With Singapore Airlines Discount Economy fares costing less than $700 to the popular holiday destination, each status credit is earned for just $3.80!

You’ll also pick up 4,800 Qantas points (half-way to a short domestic flight!).

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