Velocity Double Points: Unofficial Guide

This article was published some time ago and content may be out-of-date.  Airlines are continually changing their loyalty programs. Always double-check with the airline. 

Mar '18Current/ Last Offer

1-2/yearOffer Frequency

Oct '18Expected (prediction only)


Although run on a less frequent basis than Qantas, Velocity offers Double Points promotions for limited campaign periods. These usually double, and sometimes triple, the number of points earned on eligible Virgin Australia flights.

The conditions can be very different each time a Velocity bonus point promotion runs. Learn more about the offer here. On this page, we wrap up the offer’s history, including the time since Velocity last offered the popular deal. We also provide some speculative commentary on when we expect the next Velocity bonus point offer to occur.

Current offer & offer history

About the Velocity Double Points offer

Velocity Double Points promotions allow you to earn two times the points on eligible Virgin Australia fares. Some promotions are limited to a particular region, whereas other Velocity Double Point deals are global. Velocity generally only offers the promotion on Virgin Australia operated flights with a VA flight number, however, partner airlines are sometimes eligible.

Offer frequency

Refer to our Offer History guide above for past offers. We also provide an indication on when we expect the next Velocity Double Points offer to occur, using data like the time since previous offer and frequency of historic offers.

Offer booking and travel periods

Velocity Double Points offers generally run for one to two-week promotional period. This is the time-frame in which you must book your flights. Travel periods are usually quite large.

Eligible carriers

Velocity Double Points promotions are generally only available on flights purchased with a VA flight number. These can include both Virgin Australia and partner operated flights. For example, the specific promotion below included Virgin’s US partner, Delta.

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