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This article was published some time ago and content may be out-of-date.  Airlines are continually changing their loyalty programs. Always double-check with the airline. 

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Searching for Qantas reward flights

Although you can search for Classic Rewards directly on the Qantas website for Qantas, Jetstar and its major partners, all other oneworld partners do not appear. To search for these, you’ll need to use a oneworld alternative like British Airways.

Qantas Reward Seat MEGAguide

Classic Rewards allow you to redeem your Qantas Points for a seat on a Qantas flight or one of their many partners.

Qantas Earn By Flying Guide

Earn Qantas Points by travelling with Qantas and its partner airlines.

Qantas Classic Reward Guide

The traditional Qantas points redemption method – individual Classic Reward Seats.

oneworld Reward Guide

Redeem a 16 flight, 35,000 mile itinerary from just 140,000 Qantas Points. Presents much more value that a standard Classic Reward.

Qantas Points-Earn Guide

Find out how to best search for Qantas Reward Seat, including oneworld partners whose inventory isn’t always listed in the search engine.

Method 1: (Qantas & major partners)

You can search and book Classic Reward Seats directly on the Qantas website for Qantas, Jetstar and a few of its major partners (Emirates, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Fiji Airways and Qatar Airways).  We walk through the search method in out core Qantas Reward Seat Redemption Guide, so head there for more. For all other partners (and even Reward Seats inventory from the Qantas major partners listed above), try a oneworld alternative like British Airways.

Method 2: A oneworld partner website like British Airways (oneworld partners)

You can search and book Classic Reward Seats directly on the Qantas website for Qantas, Jetstar, Emirates, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Fiji Airways and Qatar Airways. However, for all other oneworld partners, you need to go to a different source, one of which is British Airways. This is also handy, as sometimes not all availability for the Qantas major partners (above) are listed on the Qantas website. By searching availability on the Qantas website in addition to the British Airways website, you might find more flights (as per our example below).

British Airways offers decent Reward Seat search functionality. Obviously you can’t book, but it can arm yourself with availability, so you can then contact the Qantas call Centre and do so. To search for Reward Seats on the British Airways site, you do require an Executive Club membership, which is recommended as part of your frequent flyer membership artillery. You can sign up for free here. Note, for some reason the membership form does not accept Australian addresses, so use a European or UK resident’s (or simply place any address in the form).

To search, add your itinerary and cabin-class and before clicking the ‘Get Flights’ button (you’ll be prompted to log in with your Executive Club credentials). You can then navigate immediately adjacent dates (not as user friendly as the Qantas Multi City month view). In the results, look for the ‘Flights with partner airlines’ heading. In our example (Melbourne to London) below, we’ve located Premium Economy Reward Seats flying Cathay Pacific that weren’t showing on the Qantas website!

Like Qantas, we recommend that you search for each Flight Sector (a flight with a unique flight number) individually. This will generally yield more availability. For example, if you’re looking for a Cathay Pacific flight to Europe that you know has a lay-over in Hong Kong, try looking for the Australia – Hong Kong leg first, before searching for the Hong Kong – Europe Flight Sector.

Once you’ve located your oneworld partner Reward Seat, write down the flight information and contact the Qantas Call Centre to book.

Method 3: The Qantas Call Centre (all partners)

You can book all Reward Seats (Qantas, Jetstar and partner airlines) via the Qantas Call Centre (phone 13 11 31 and choose option 1). However, sometimes, Call Centre staff can be quite helpful in assisting with availability, too. Sometimes reps see more on their internal systems than on the Qantas website.

That said, you will have much more success if you’ve performed your own searches via the methods listed above.

Call centre bookings attract a ‘Reward Assistance Fee’ (3,500 Points or $40 for Domestic and 6,000 Points or $70 for International). However, depending on the operator, this may be waived if you are booking a Reward Seat from a partner airline that is not available on the Qantas website (as in this case, the only option you have to book in via the call centre). So make sure you ask!

The fee does not apply to Business or First Class redemptions.

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