Qantas Double Status Credits: Unofficial Guide

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Qantas Double Status Credits boost your status earning capacity on eligible flights.

The popular offer features heavily in our guide to reaching Qantas Gold status. Below we provide a snapshot of the promotion’s history, its conditions, and when we expect the next one to occur.

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Qantas Double Status Credit history

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About Qantas Double Status Credits

As the name suggests, the popular promotion serves up twice the status credits on Qantas flights. Some offers include all regions, whereas others limit bookings to domestic flights or a particular international zone.

The Red Roo generally requires you to register for Qantas Double Status Credits before you book. If you don’t, you’ll miss out!

Qantas typically promotes Double Status Credit offers in the first half of the calendar year. They’ve actually held an offer for several consecutive years around February.

Some Qantas Double Status Credits are ’targeted’. In this case, only the recipient may receive the bonus. We try to flag whether an offer is public or targeted. Qantas usually communicates invite-only offers via email.

If you play your cards right, Qantas Double Status Credit promotions can serve up Gold membership in one booking!

Be sure to double check each specific promotion’s terms and conditions. For example:

“This bonus offer applies to travel taken by the recipient of the original email only (regardless of other passengers in the same booking) and is not transferable.”

Offer frequency

The popular promotion occurs about twice a year. Qantas has released a major ’public’ offer (available to everyone) around February for as long as we can remember – so get ready to strike! Refer to our Offer History guide above for past offers.

Invite-only offers occur throughout the year, however, there’s no particular pattern. Rather, the Red Roo sends personalised offers. For instance, a member who hasn’t purchased a flight in some time may receive an invite. The carrier also appears to target customers who have ticked over to Silver or Gold but are still some distance away from the next status level.

Booking and travel periods

Qantas Double Status Credits typically run for week-long promotional campaigns. Eligible travel periods are usually quite wide.

You will receive bonus status credits for each flight sector within your itinerary. For example, an Economy round-trip to London will return 280 status credits – 140 there and 140 back (usually 70+70 = 140).

If you change an initially eligible Qantas Double Status Credit earning flight, you’ll generally still earn double status credits on your new itinerary. However, your new flight’s dates must be inside the promotion’s travel period. Unfortunately, destination changes may result in a completely new booking, which could leave your flight ineligible. Keep this in mind when taking advantage of Qantas Double Status Credits.

Eligible carriers

Qantas Double Status Credit promotions are usually only available on Qantas operated flights, however, sometimes the Flying Kangaroo includes code-share flights operated by its major partners, like the Gulf-based Emirates (but they must have a QF code).

How to register for Double Status Credit offers

Before registering for double status credits, ensure you are eligible for the offer. You’ll be eligible if either a) seen the promotion on the Qantas website (which we share in the Offer History table above) or b) received direct communication about the offer.

Step #1: Opt-In

You must opt-in to Double Status Credit offers on the Qantas website. You can do this by clicking through to the offer page (see below).

Step #2: Check your email

Once you have registered you should receive an email from Qantas. Be sure to retain this confirmation.

Each Qantas Frequent Flyer member must register separately to be eligible. However, you can book multiple seats on one booking by adding each passenger’s unique Frequent Flyer number.

Step #3: Book an eligible flight

You can now book an eligible flight on the Qantas website, as normal.

Make sure you stick to the booking, travel and eligible regions to ensure you get your extra credits!

Qantas Double Status Credit examples

Naturally, long flights allow you to squeeze the most value out of a Double Status Credits offer. Below we’ve outlined some of the best bookings we’ve come across.

Learn more about earning Qantas status credits in the guides below:

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Example 1: Long-haul Economy return to London

Airline Qantas
Flight Melb – Lon (Return)
Fare Disc. Economy
Cost (~) $1,500
SC Out 20+140
SC Back 140+20
SC Total 320
Value $4.68/SC
Points 12,400
Sectors 6

Claim Double Status Credits on a return flight to London in Discount Economy and you’re well on the way to Gold!

In this example, we’re travelling long-haul from Melbourne to London (via Sydney) on an Economy Sale fare. You’ll gain a similar result routing via Sydney from most other capitals (and slightly less if you’re taking off in Sydney).

For this particular itinerary, you’ll score a massive 320 status credits for just the $1,500 outlay (a very nice $4.68/status credit). You’re well on the way to Gold status in just one booking!

Example 2: Economy return to Beijing

Airline Qantas
Flight Melb – Bej. (Return)
Fare Disc. Economy
Cost (~) $575
SC Out 20+60
SC Back 60+20
SC Total 160
Value $3.60/SC
Points 7,800
Sectors 4

Qantas Double Status Credits

Take advantage of a Double Status Credit promo on cheap fares to Asian destinations like China.

In this example, we’re flying on a short-haul Economy (Sale) flight from Melbourne to Beijing (via Sydney). Registering for a Double Status Credit offer yields a very nice 160 status credits. You’ll also score 7,800 Qantas points, which is almost enough for a short domestic flight!

At a total cost of $575, this returns $3.60/status credit. You won’t find much better than that!

Example 3: Business return to Bali

Airline Qantas
Flight Melb – Den. (Return)
Fare Disc. Economy
Cost (~) $1,800
SC Out 20+300
SC Back 300+20
SC Total 160
Value $2.75/SC
Points 18,400
Sectors 4

A Business Class return fare to Bali during a Qantas Double Status Credits promo gets you to Gold in one hit!

And now for the winner! In this example, we’re travelling in short-haul Business (Sale fare) from Melbourne to Bali (via Sydney). A Double Status Credit booking returns a crazy 640 credits. With a Business Sale ticket costing around $1,800, we’re looking at a massive $2.75/status credit! This surpasses Gold in one booking!

As an added benefit, you’ll also earn 20,000 Qantas points (almost two and a half short one-way domestic flights), which helps offset the cost of your cash fare!

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