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Fuel is now a major frequent flyer points earn category, so due to popular demand, we’re throwing Qantas and Velocity against each other in another H2H review!

You can earn frequent flyer points through spending at the pump with both programs, but there are some major differences, which determine how easy it is to realise your points.

Velocity’s BP partnership beats the Qantas Frequent Flyer arrangement in terms of convenience because of its a direct earn benefit. However, the Qantas fuel earn deal, when bundled with Woolworths 4c/L discount, is better suited for casual points earners, who are unlikely to redeem their points for flight rewards (especially in premium cabins).

We’ve broken out both program’s fuel schemes into individual guides. Refer below for the links.

Qantas Fuel Points Earn Guide

The Qantas Frequent Flyer partnership is more complicated that Velocity’s, as it requires you to hold a Woolworths Rewards card. However, it arguably offers more value.

Velocity Fuel Points Earn Guide

Velocity members can now earn Velocity Points directly at BP service stations when purchasing fuel. Read more about the partnership in our dedicated guide.

Ease of use

Velocity’s fuel points earn and redemption methods are more streamlined that the Qantas offer. All you have to do is keep your Velocity membership card in your wallet and scan it every time you fill up. Redeeming existing Points for fuel takes a bit more effort initially, but after you’re set up there’s nothing to it.

Velocity also wins when we consider each service station network. BP offers over 1,000 outlets, while the Woolworths-Caltex network is significantly smaller than Virgin’s BP offering, You can view participating Woolworths-Caltex outlets here.


Let’s assume you have equal convenient access to either BP’s servo network and the Woolworths-Caltex servo network. This will of course vary per individual customer, with BP arguably boasting the larger network.

For example’s sake, we’re going to purchase 100 litres of fuel via each program. We’re also eligible for Woolworths 4c/L discount, having recently spent over $30 in a supermarket.

Velocity (BP) Qantas (Woolworths)
Litres 100 100
$/L $1.25 $1.25
4c/L Disc. $/L $1.21
Total Cost $125 $121
Points Earn (at servo) 200 100 (Woolworths Rewards)
Points Earn (convert) 52 (Qantas Points)
Result 200 Velocity Points 52 Qantas Points + $4 in savings

So who wins?

If you’re not interested in redeeming your points for rewards at the high-end of the redemption value (business and first flights), and you shop regularly at Woolworths supermarkets, the Qantas/ Woolworths partnership is your best bet. For example, pumping 100L/week (at $1.25/L) will take just over three years to earn a $50 Woolworths-Caltex Gift Card ($0.52 redemption value per point). Although this is low, in the example above, you may also be able to receive $600 in (4c/L) discounts. This is only attainable if you’re a regular Woolworths shopper who spends over $30 a week in one of their supermarkets.

However, if you have no intention of switching to Woolworths supermarkets or you’re squarely looking at flights and upgrades, the Velocity/ BP partnership may be better for you. It yields a larger number of points, which boosts your award flight redemption. For example, guzzling 100L/week (at $1.25/L) will take about nine months to earn a one-way economy flight from Melbourne to Adelaide (+$25.50 in taxes). This flight has a redemption value of about $110 ($1.40 value per point).

As a premium-cabin reward example, it will take about three years to earn one-way lie-flat business class award flight from Sydney/ Brisbane to Vanuatu (Nadi) (+$114.50 in taxes). This flight has a redemption value of over $700 ($2.20 value per point).

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  • Can I redeem velocity points if I fill up my car and the BP outlet has run out of temporary cards?
    The BP outlet is affiliated with VP


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