Earn Velocity points & status credits at Coles supermarkets

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Earn points & status credits with flybuys

The flybuys – Velocity partnership is a great way to top up your Velocity points and status credits via the shopping that you’re already doing. The ability to earn Velocity status credits outside of flying is a nice touch. Read more in our guide below.

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Find out how to earn Velocity points and status credits through shopping at Coles via the flybuys partnership!

The flybuys-Velocity Coles partnership

The Velocity-Coles partnership, which began late 2016, allows you to convert flybuys points to Velocity Frequent Flyer points. flybuys is popular loyalty program, which allows you to earn Flybuys points at Coles, Coles Express, and a host of other Coles and non-Coles partners. The flybuys earn-rate per $1 spend has been outlined in the table below (flybuys points before they have been converted to Velocity points). Read on to find out more.

The Velocity partnership comes in the form of a simple points transfer, where flybuys members can convert bundles of 2,000 flybuys points to 870 Velocity points. There is a calendar-year cap of 138,000 Flybuys points imposed per household (leaving you with a maximum of 60,030 Velocity points each year).

To be eligible, Velocity members are required to link their frequent flyer account with their flybuys account online.


flybuys to Velocity: points value

Like Woolworths, Coles offers an automatic ‘Money Off’ reward program, where your flybuys points can be redeemed for shopping discounts. For every 2,000 points earned, you’ll automatically receive $10 off your next shop. This means, the 870 Velocity points you receive when you link your account with Velocity, have cost you $10 (or 1.15c/point). This is around our ‘ballpark’ points cost. You want to ensure your points Guide Redemption Value is greater than 1.15/c per point. If you’re not, you’re losing out and may be better off leaving your flybuys account un-linked to receive the Coles cash discounts.

Set up auto-transfer to convert your flybuys points to Velocity


Velocity status credits at Coles

A neat little benefit of the Velocity-flybuys partnership is the ability to earn Velocity status credits. flybuys members, who link their account with Velocity, can earn 1 Velocity status credit for every $100 spent at Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland or First Choice Liquor. To participate, simply link your flybuys membership with your Velocity account and scan your flybuys card in-store. The benefit is capped at 10 status credits per month.

This is handy if you’re a large grocery shopper (which can include transport card purchases, like Opal or MyKi). For example, spending just $250 a week at Coles will yield over 120 status credits a year, which is half way to Silver Status alone! Although in isolation it’s a a high cost per Status Credit ($100/ Status Credit), it’s a good way to leverage your existing Coles spend. Fuel purchases at any Coles Express service stations are excluded from this benefit.

from time-to-time flybuys also offer Double Status Credit earn promotions, so stay tuned to your email or check out Frequent Flyer Promotions Hub for all the details.

Earn Double status credits at Coles during special flybuys campaign periods

Stack your supermarket points earn with a rewards credit card

You can earn more points on top of the flybuys-Velocity points-earn partnership when you pay for purchases using an eligible Velocity Rewards credit card. Many rewards credit cards even have higher points earning capacity for supermarket purchases.

Better still, Coles do not apply credit card surcharges to supermarket purchases. This means you won’t be stung for using your plastic, which helps you limit the real cost of earning frequent flyer points.

This not financial or credit advice. It does not take into account your individual financial situation. Please seek the advice of an appropriately qualified professional before making a decision on any financial/ credit product.

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